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Setup for VR  


Davide 445
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Having the Lenovo X380 Yoga I face the fact his TB3 port has a x2 link.

I can try to use the internal M.2 slot to access a full x4 link, but being this my work laptop I'm vary in cutting holes in the chassis.

So I know can expect about 20% or more loss in performance vs a x4 link, this can be a problem since I will use it only for VR demos with HTC Vive Cosmos headset. 

Planning to use my GTX 1070, was wondering if upgrading to a let's say RTX 2070S will enable me to achieve needed performances.

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Lenovo X380 Yoga, i5-8350U, 8GB RAM, NVMe x4 256GB SSD
Expected eGPU: TBD + Kfa2 GTX 1070 EX