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Upgrading to my next Apple product!  


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Hi guys, I have been enjoying using my 2012 macbook pro with a razer corex and sapphire rx580 for the last few months as it has been absolutely flawless when it comes to switching between macOS and Windows10. However, in the future when I do upgrade to my next Apple product, I will obviously be switching over to thunderbolt 3 and therefore I am deciding between another macbook pro or a mac mini. I have been reading current builds and the difficulties with error 12 and having to switch the egpu on and off at particular log in windows which has really got me questioning if perhaps I should ditch Apple altogether and get an intel NUC. It seems that the newer Apple products with enhanced security features, Catalina, Bootcamp and egpus don't play very well together at the moment compared to my current setup.

To sum it up, which product should I go for which will give me the least hassle to set up and most seamless to switch in and out of operating systems?

Your input and feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi! I ended up with this hackintosh build ( ). I'm VERY HAPPY with it.

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The Mini and 13” MBP are the least hassle - at the moment. 

The arrival of Big Sur and Windows 2nd half update next month could shake things up. 🤔


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