Want to start mining and I am kind of new to this
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Want to start mining and I am kind of new to this  


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I've been following the cryptocurrencies for a couple of years now and i've been thinking for a while now to start doing it cause the electricity is included in my rent. 

I've been reading/watching videos for litteraly 3 days for hours and I am just so lost in how to start what to buy to do it.

I have an old imac 2008, 2 macbook pro I think even older (the white ones ) and and old dell laptop I could use.

I dont want to invest a lot of money because I am a student and I just dont know what to buy 

from what i've read i think it's better to use a pc ? could I use my imac and a pc togheter ? or separetly ?

so any suggestions , instructions and tips would be really appreciated 

thank you

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