What gpu should I get? -Razer Core X
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What gpu should I get? -Razer Core X  


Konrad Brunkhorst
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Hello! I am currently looking at buying myself a gpu to go alongside my Razer Core X, however I want to make sure I get the one with the most "bang for your buck", since I've heard the higher end cards only really work well with 4k setups (which I won't be having the pleasure of partaking in).  I'm using the Dell XPS 13 (9580) alongside a 144hz 1080p monitor.

Does anyone know of a good gpu that would be the best fit for this setup ?

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Suwit Suriyasriwan
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First of all, the choice is depends on your budget!

However, Razer Core X's PSU (not chrome) can delivery the power up to 650W (585 W for 10% safety) so it's not recommended to go with RTX TITAN at all 😀


In my opinion, if you don't mind to use the Ray Tracing function, GTX 1080 TI would be good for price and performance at this time.

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