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What graphics card should I buy?  


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Hi all,

eGPU noob here.

I purchased a MacBook Pro 15inch 2016 , 2.7ghx Quad core i7 , 16gig ram,  Radeon pro 455 2gig, OS Catalina and Win 10,   back in 2016 and gave up on the notion of gaming..... until I discovered you guys here. 

Finally bought a Razer Core X on sale and now I am deciding what card to put in it . 

Maybe I pulled the trigger to early because reading through these forums I feel like I might be in a little over my head. 

SO my question is , what card would you buy (not limited by price) for the easiest set up process for gaming in bootcamp? 

In your guide here you talk about NVIDIA cards working better in bootcamp (this looks to be from 2017)? but then I saw one saying the Radeon RX 5000 series Navi Gpu works well ( 2020) 

While I understand build guides are available on this forum , with new cards being released and this topic always changing and updating I would appreciate any guidance before I make my purchase. 

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There are 57 Windows builds for your system. Plenty to review:

The last two builds from February 2020 this year are using a RTX 2080 Super (Turing) and AMD RX 5600 (Navi).   Those two family of GPUs being the current volume retail sellers. The Nvidia card offering ray tracing capability, even if with a small number of games for now but with no macOS support. The AMD cards offering macOS support but max out at RX 5700 XT (RTX 2070 equiv).

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