What is best egpu for VR in architectural Viz on MacBook Pro?
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What is best egpu for VR in architectural Viz on MacBook Pro?  


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I am an architectural visualiser and are in the midst of trying out vr using the htc vive ( or pro if the requirements are not that much higher) Currently I have a 2017 15 " Macbook pro and wish to get egpu to support vr on it. I will not be using it for gaming but just work. Would you guys now if the sonnet with an rx 580 would do the job or is a vega 56 necessary? Any help appreciated....thanks

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VR under MacOS.  While it works, there's a lack of content.

I have personally tested Mac Pro 6,1 Mac mini (2011 server and 2012), and a handful of recent iMacs with High Sierra and OSS Cube and Akitio Node.  It's plug and play in High Sierra, just snag the Steam VR beta.  I haven't tested with any TB3 Macs.

I wouldn't count on the 580 being able to push enough pixels to satisfy Vive Pro at anything other than minimum settings.  You can't even crank current games up to their max with a 580.  I don't know how intensive your visualizations are, but generally content creators work with higher spec machines than their target audience.

I'd go for a 56 if possible, but if work's footing the bill and you need to start now...

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