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which eGPU bundle should I buy for a MacBook Pro 13" 2017? (Gaming and coding)

which eGPU bundle should I buy for a MacBook Pro 13" 2017? (Gaming and coding)  


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Hi everybody!
I'd like to ask almost the same as @balogh_akos, which eGPU bundle should I buy for a Macbook Pro 13" 2017? (Gaming and coding) 
My current setup is the HP Omen Accelerator with the RX 580 4gb but I'd like to get a better performance.
- RX 580 works great, didn't have major issues on MacOS/Windows Bootcamp.
- I like the extra USB ports.
- It doesn't charge my Mac (it should, but doesn't)
- Might need a better power supply for a better GPU like Vega 56 or Radeon VII

About considering NVIDIA GPUs:
I don't need the eGPU for macOS...my plan would be switching to bootcamp for gaming after finish working on macOS. An alternative for achieving this would be, having 2 cables connected to the screen, 1 for the eGPU and the other for the macbook, so I could connect the external screen directly to the macbook and directly to the eGPU for gaming.
- Unplugging the HDMI cable is faster than safe-ejecting the eGPU
- You might have to connect/disconnect cables when switching OS
- If the enclosure has USB ports, I can't use them on macOS

What's the best nvidia video card for doing this without major issues? I don't want to plug the cable while windows is loading, seems tricky, is there any difference on using AMD vs NVIDIA card on bootcamp? if not, maybe I could preserve the OMEN enclosure and just buy a GTX 1070 or 1080

I like this option because it works well on macOS and feels better when you pay for something that works, the nvidia-way (based on what I've read) looks like you're paying for an alpha product without much support and full of potential bugs.
The problem is the lack of alternatives, I think there are 2 options: Vega 56 and Radeon VII (the RX 590 isn't good enough), and I will need to buy another enclosure as well. I heard that Radeon VII is currently offering a performance similar to the Vega 56 on macOS but don't know how does it works on bootcamp.
What's the best enclosure for those 2 video cards? 
a) Mantiz Venus
b) Razer Core X Chroma
c) Razer Core X or Sonnet Breakaway

I prefer a) or b) over c) due to the extra USB ports but maybe this is a mistake and I'm sacrificing many fps.

I know I asked many questions but wanted to analyze the alternatives...so, to sum up, the main question would be:
Which combination would you choose?

@itsage I look forward to hearing about your Core X Chroma review
@balogh_akos looks like you already have experience with a Mantiz + Nvidia, have you had the chance to test gaming on bootcamp?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english

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HP Omen Accelerator + RX 580 + Macbook Pro 13" 2017 no-touchbar 128gb
HP Omen Accelerator + RX Vega 56 + Macbook Pro 13" 2019 i5-8279U

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The Mantiz Venus currently at $319 is a great deal. If you were to only game with the eGPU in Boot Camp, you should go with Nvidia RTX 2060 and a 2.5″ SSD installed inside the Mantiz to store games. I’d recommend the RX Vega 56 if you were to get an AMD card.

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AMD Navi will be out very soon with reveal at E3 next week, Nvidia reportedly showing some new cards next week as well

Pending: Add my system information and expected eGPU configuration to my signature to give context to my posts

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