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XPS 13 9380 or wait for Ice Lake  


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I know this question has probably been asked many times, what do you think as far as getting the 9380 now or wait for Ice Lake?

Moving up the camera is a big improvement, I'm not sure if the CPU upgrade is worth the wait, hence the question. 

Let me know.

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Get the 9380 now. It's an awesome laptop and CPU performance usually increases only slightly between the various generations. Plus, the CPU doesn't matter as much in the first place if you're a gamer. So from that perspective, today is as good a day as any to get that new laptop 🙂

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I don't think Intel has anything ready yet regarding Ice Lake they could publish this year. Or if they do it's probably the high-end chips (workstation grace and top desktop i7, maybe i9) and stuff like ULV (15W TDP, Ultrabook category) CPU's come out much later. According to Notebookcheck's reviews on XPS 13 9380 the CPU performance is almost similar (max. +5%) to 9370 so the biggest chance is the positioning of the webcam.

For these same reasons I just got a XPS 13 9370 for my eGPU testing since it was offered with a decent price and 9380 is not really available yet in my country. According to my first tests using an eGPU actually helps with the CPU throttling because iGPU is not used when an eGPU is connected and the i7-8550u in this machine can run around with 3 - 3,3 GHz on all cores while gaming. That's with just all the latest updates and i've not yet tried undervolting which also usually helps with the temperatures.

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Yep!  Starting with the 9370, Dell started enabling the full x4 TB link, so it's wonderful.  I'm sure the 9380 is just as nice, just with the better webcam placement. 😛

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