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Xps 9370 VS 9570 with external gpu  


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So I’m looking to upgrade my laptop and I’m looking at both the xps 9370 and the 9570. I’m going to use them with my akitio node 1080ti setup because as a college student it is in my blood to be able to play games in my dorm. The 9size difference between them both really doesn’t matter to me. I’m just at this point looking at purely how well they’ll run with my external graphics. I want to be able to play bf1 and other AAA games, but i still need the laptop to take to class. I know both have 4 lanes of tb3, and the 9570 has a much better processor but apparently it runs worse than the 9370 with external graphics? I was planning on buying either the i7-8550 16gb Ram xps 9370 or the i7-8750h 16 gb ram 9570. Though the 9570 has a much better processor I keep seeing that the performance is actually inferior to the xps 9370 when paired with an external gpu. Need some people with more knowledge to help me solve this dilemma.

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