2016 15 In Macbook Pro Mantiz Venus Rx Vega 64 Lc

Late 2016 15-in MacBook Pro eGPU Master Thread

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As interest and demand for eGPU increase, we have grown in our global reach – 1.72 millions users in 2019. That comes with many new posts and some of them are repeated questions. The existing discussions and solutions for many systems are great but finding them isn’t always easy. Things get more confusing when both Apple and Microsoft introduce constant changes through software and firmware updates. One of our projects in 2020 is to organize existing resources so that new users can find the information they need quicker.

Master thread for each Computer + eGPU is the way to go. I’m starting with the late 2016 15-in MacBook Pro [Technical Specs] because I have used it in the past three years and learnt many things (eGPU related) on it. This is a community effort and we’d like members to start master threads of their systems. The requirement is at least 6 months of use. Relevant discussions to a particular computer model will be merged into these topics.

There’s no set posting format or assigned sub-forum atm. We welcome feedback to make things as easy for new members as possible. For this late 2016 15-in MBP, I’m posting it in Bootcamp eGPU Setup subforum because it’s a Thunderbolt 3 Mac system which has native macOS support but setting up eGPU in Windows is a chore. Therefore the most interest for this model is bootcamp related discussions. Included in the master thread is a table of user builds to serve as a quick reference to matching [system + enclosure + eGPU]. We will also update the OP with common issues, new solutions and/or set up procedures.

We are also cross-posting master threads on the website frontend. That will give them more visibility. Please link to these topics whenever you find appropriate. For now they are a News article that gets interlinked with resource articles. Eventually there will be a TOP NAV Menu item with drop-down for different systems. When we created eGPU.io 3 years ago, our day-1 mission was to make eGPU easy and accessible to all. This focus has not changed. Ultimately we want to organize not only by the host systems but also eGPU enclosures, and graphics cards.

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Look forward to seeing how these pan out. Feels to me that there are so many variables with eGPU set ups a single core resource per laptop covering all possibilities is going to be a challenge, but an achievable one. 

I’ve had so many minor differences in my set up it’s hard to keep track of them, these type of resources would defo help. 

For example – I had issues with the efi bootloader, I assumed it was software, or magic, but think it may have been down to my old Razer core V1, maybe. 



Interested to see how this turns out. Really appreciated the updates on the main post regarding findings for the error 12 issue with Windows 1903. With multiple master guides though it might not be scalable to keep them updated. Also I do suggest a separate subforum/section for these (maybe under Builds?) for more organization. 



Gotcha. I can also probably start a thread for the 750M 15″ 2014 model :p