Why has nando4 been banned at TechInferno forum?


Intro – why was nando4 banned by Brian at TechInferno forum?
TI sidesteps DMCA takedown by moving from US_>Seychelles (East Africa) -> Netherlands
TI membership refunds due to misrepresentation
Classic bait-and-switch
Finalising the TI chapter – thank you

Intro – why has nando4 (nando4eva@ymail.com) banned by Brian at TechInferno (TI) forum?

Perhaps of interested to some readers why I was banned on Nov-22-2016 at TechInferno. Seemingly because I did not accept a demand to sell my DIY eGPU Setup 1.30 software via the TI marketplace download area for a 20% fee, instead preferring personalize email delivery. I was invited to do such sales in 2012 when moving from NBR and did so over 4 years. The relationship engineered to fail after that. Incidentally the software is now available from here DIY eGPU Setup 1.35 (eGPU.io).

TI sidesteps DMCA takedown by moving from US to Seychelles (East Africa)

On Nov-23, TI’s then US host Linode was served a DMCA to remove 2952 nando4 posts from TI as there was a significant breach of agreed 2012-13 operating arrangements. Therefore I wished to move myself and my content elsewhere.

Instead of complying, TI moved from the US to Seychelles on 26th of November, Seychelles is an island off East Africa. The IP history results for techinferno.com showing the relocation. Then on Dec-12-2016 moved to Abelohost-NL, the #1 choice to avoid takedown . Nando4 authored content was relabelled (hijaaked) as “Tech Inferno Fan”, a US$6-$200 TechInferno membership sales lead name.

IP Address Location IP Address Owner Last seen on this IP Netherlands Abelohost B.V. 2016-12-15 Seychelles QUASI 2016-12-11 Netherlands Abelohost B.V. 2016-11-25 Fremont – United States Linode 2016-11-23 New York – United States Digital Ocean, Inc. 2015-12-18 New York – United States Digital Ocean, Inc. 2015-12-11 Ashburn – United States Amazon.com, Inc. 2015-08-07


TI membership refunds due to misrepresentation

TI members wishing not to support this behaviour may choose to discontinue or request a refund for their TI US$6-100 membership due to significant underlying changes to how TI operate after Nov-22-2016 for which you were not notified about, eg:

  • On Nov-22-2016 TI’s Terms of Use (TOS), Section 21 – Governing Law advertised the ” laws of Stanislaus County, California, USA” applying to their site. Yet by sidestepping copyright laws, have broken their own TOS rules. Now TI changed their their TOS section 21 “governing laws” as in accordance “to the laws of the Netherlands and US”. Do they follow any country’s copyright laws?
  • summary banning significant contributors of eGPU content for ridiculous reasons, making then unavailable to answer questions and hijaaking their content (reowning it under a fictional character) (nando4->Tech Inferno fan, goalque->euqlaog– creator of automate-eGPU.sh)
  • monetizing stolen ‘nando4’ content, now “Tech Inferno Fan” to attract US$6-$100 membership sales and (as of Nov 24 2016) generate ad revenue. Paypal’s service cannot be used for unlawful activities including use of stolen content by presenting it as a fictional user creation. See affected content.
  • sending DMCA takedown notices to eGPU.io claiming nando4 authored material, subject to US DMCA takedown, was now up on their Netherlands site, owned by them with any republishing required to be taken down.
  • you wish your funds to support those who created the content (eg’ nando4, goalque) or even donate to a charity rather than supporting the TI Founder’s (Brian – Brian Khan-US, aka 5150 Joker, Stamastix – Stamatis Cheirdaris -Greece, Michael – Michael Shvartsman-Brazil) [as sourced from archive whois data] who have gone to extraordinary lengths to maximize their financial gain. All without consultation of the DIY eGPU community. Intellectual property secured via deceptive means and now monetized. Weasel words.


Classic bait-and-switch

TI is now operating unlawfully, by Western laws having acquired content and reputation under US laws, then hijaaking redistributing that content out of Seychelles/Netherlands to avoid EU/DMCA takedown. Specifically TI has repackaged and monetized 2012-2016 nando4 eGPU/notebook content deriving profit from TI membership sales and/or Google Ads revenue against it.


Finalising the TI chapter – thank you

Unpleasant reading above. On a positive note, the 1146 TI gratitude points you gave whilst in service to the DIY eGPU community is now deleted, but was endearing and not forgotten. Cheers to you mavericks that believed we could, would and ultimately did make a huge difference investigating, developing, sharing and enjoying our eGPUs. I feel blessed having been involved with a global and enthusiastic team. Thank you 🙂