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  • September 17, 2018
    Build Guides by users
    If planning for or installing an eGPU, set your target System, OS & similar eGPU hardware then review the user Build links.  This table is leaderboard sorted by eGPU...
  • September 14, 2018
    External GPU Buyer's Guide: 2018 Best eGPU Enclosures Reviewed
    Find below a comparison of the latest Thunderbolt 3 enclosures with highlighted linked hands-on reviews.  Check prices at the linked online retailers (Amazon, Newegg, etc).Thunderbolt3 Thunderbolt 2 mini...
  • Asus Xg Station Pro Strix Gtx 1080 Ti 2016 15 In Macbook Pro
    August 16, 2018
    ASUS XG Station Pro Review - Cool, Calm and...
    Introduction One of the most highly anticipated eGPU enclosures of 2017 was the ASUS ROG XG Station 2. Its spec sheet was filled with many standout features unmatched by worthy...
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