Public Repository of eGPU DSDT Overrides

You may encounter error 12 in Windows when setting up your eGPU. You can follow the [GUIDE] DSDT override eGPU error 12 fix  to make your own DSDT override. Or can leverage existing pre-compiled DSDT override files made according to that guide in the repository below. These zip files include:

    • dsdt-modified.aml* – the DSDT file with a 36-bit root bridge created from:
    • dsdt.dat – the in-memory DSDT supplied by the vendor
    • dsdt.dsl – the disassembled dsdt.dat file
    • dsdt-modified.dsl – the modified disassembled DSDT file with a 36-bit root bridge

WARNING: *loading this dsdt-modified.aml per instructions may BSOD your Windows due to same-model BIOS-firmware differences.  There use Winmerge to compare and merge this file’s dsdt-modified.dsl content into your dsdt-modified.dsl file when creating your own dsdt-modified.aml file.


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